Incrediflix Academies

WEEK 6 (July 31- August 4)

Star Wars Stop Motion: From a Galaxy far far away, to a summer location near you... Create your very own Star Wars characters and bring them to life using the magic of Stop Motion Animation. Students will create characters and sets for an original Star Wars movie they storyboard, write, shoot, and voice-over in age-appropriate groups. Open to Campers entering 2nd-8th grade.

Stop Motion Tricks & Effects: Begin your stop motion movie making career with a BANG! Ever wonder how they do that cool effect?” - We can teach you! In this program we pull back the curtain and reveal how stop-motion movie magic is made as kids will learn how to create special effects for their stop motion movies. Kids will work in groups to create and film effects from water to fire or even flying! Open to Campers entering 2nd-8th grade.


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